Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"It's Billy's Job To Lose"

Today all the stories coming out of camp were about the QB competition. Wanny came out and basically reiterated his belief that Billy Stull is still the starting QB until Bostick or Sunseri wins the job. I'm hoping that everybody isn't surprised by this seeing as Stull is a senior and he has been Wanny's pick for 3 years.  What I wonder about is why Wanny made this declaration so quickly after claiming in the media prior to camp that this is a 3-way QB battle?

I think what the bigger problem in the program currently is the lack of actual "open" position battles. Each year coming into camp we are told that certain positions are open and that a competition will be held for the position. What happens 100% percent of the time is that the upperclassmen or the incumbent at the position wins the job. I'm not about to attack Wanny for always playing the upperclassmen because that is really a moot point now, it is just what he does. What I'm attacking is Wanny's inability to deal with the media and the fanbase in situations like this by just telling people what they want to hear then immediately backtracking on that through who plays and the two deep. He knows who is going to play before one snap is held in camp each year.

This is Stull's job to lose and we knew that before we even got into camp so why did Wanny make such a big deal about the QB competition a week ago then make this comment today. I know that he thinks this is necessary in order to show Stull that he still has his confidence but there was no reason for this yet. Let this spring play out before commenting about the situation so definitively.

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johnny said...

That sound that you hear in Oakland coming from North Florida is me vomiting. There is no other way to couch my sentiment other than, "In Bostick I trust."