Thursday, March 5, 2009

Early reports say Adam Gunn will be back

Few players get to have senior day twice and it looks like Adam Gunn will be one of those players. Early reports coming out are saying that Adam has been granted a 6th year of eligibility after missing most of last year with an injury.

Linebacker will be a huge question mark as we're losing one of the greatest to ever play the position. Now we have an experienced trio ready for next year. It looks as if the OLB's will be Williams and Gunn with Shane Murray Working in the middle. While it is very hard to replace a guy like McKillop, I do believe we will see an improvement on the otherside with Gunn replacing Ransom.

This also adds some depth in a much needed area since we've seen some of our linebackers switched to linemen. This also means that Dan Mason will get a chance to redshirt which will probably be best in the long run.


johnny said...

Any early reports about the eligibility of Bad Ass Billy Gunn? I'd love to see him tackle Noel Devine with the Fame-ass-er.

Danny said...

You mean Mr. Ass

johnny said...

Tremendous. I was waiting for some form of a "That's Mr. Ass to you" comment. Nicely played, sir.

johnny said...

Hell of a win over UClown today. Way to blow the roof off of the Pete, guys. Thanks to the seniors. Now it's time to blow the roof off of MSG and make some noise in March.