Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Two Days of Contact Thoughts

Well we are going to Boston after a scary first weekend. Back in Pittsburgh the football team is now practicing in pads. Here are some quick thoughts from the news coming out of the Southside:
  • Wanny has come out and praised Lucas Nix and Chris Jacobson. Nix got reps at left tackle with the first team offense on both days and has made a good accounting of himself. Jacobson is clearly the front runner at the left guard position and he is living up to that status early in camp. I'm still very skeptical about how much Nix will play and what the final depth chart will shake out at when we get to the fall.
  • Bostick and Sunseri got chances to work with the first team which is promising if you expect a legitimate QB competition. So much is going to happen over the rest of these practices and as long as Bostick and Sunseri get their chances I'm happy. I really hope Cignetti gets a chance to look at everybody before the decision on who starts is made.
  • Elijiah Fields is getting all the first team reps at strong safety which is great news. Fields has the opportunity to be a playmaker on the defensive side of the ball. If Fields plays to his talent we have a potential All Big East player in him. 
  • Greg Cross was returning kicks yesterday which seems insane to me with a guy his size. I would imagine Saddler and Wright will be the kick returners but this is an odd development. 
So that is it from the weekend of practicing in pads. I'm going to push the linebacker position battle column to tomorrow since things got a little hectic today. See you tomorrow.

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rkohberger said...

Wouldn't it be nice if things come together for Elijah Fields this season? He'll be a rs JR and we'll get two solid years if things fall into place.

Interesting about Nix and Jacobson in that there is only one starter's spot open. I'll be surprised if Wise bumps an existing starter to play both kids - although I guess Thomas would be the one if it did happen.

Dion Lewis seems to have opened eyes over this first week - good to have 'too many' RBs as we'll have needed depth in case of injuries.

Agree about all three QBs getting reps - that's the best we can hope for going into Summer camp.

Cross at KO/PR is intriguing - and I think it's another way for the staff to get him the ball with no decision making requirements attached. This position and WR are pretty much get the ball in your hands and run for your life - which he may excel at when all is said and done.