Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Welcome to the Cat Basket!

I know what you are thinking. What the hell is the Cat Basket? Basically I could say anything I wanted and you would be like, oh...okay. But here is the deal. Walt Harris has a funny lisp and we like to mock him. It's kind of random but it all connects. Last year at the gameday event (when Shady was here), the Zoo leaders wrote thank you letters to people for helping them out with their student event. One of the cards that was not used was a card featuring a cat laying in a basket. So our hero and best writer ever Jason Jones simply wrote Cat Basket on the inside of the card. We started saying Cat Basket with the Walt Harris (a.k.a. WaHa) lisp. We figured out once you said Cat Basket with the WaHa lisp, it sure sounded alot like our great QB Pat Bostick. It then evolved to Pat Bostick's Cat Basket. Then eventually we dropped the Pat Bostick's and it remained Cat Basket. We decided, what the hell we can make this something for football games and gave the original card to the Princess of Pitt Athletics Ms. Nora Duncan (we love you Nora).

It was at that point that I, yes I, decided, F it, we need Cat Basket shirts. So guess what, I BOUGHT THEM!!!!! That my friends is how the Cat Basket came to fruition. Thank you dance team, thank you Jason Jones, thank you Nora, thank you College Game Day, thank you girl that inspired Cat Basket author Jason Jones to have superb writing ability, and lastly thank you Derek T. Mason (T stands for triumphant).


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