Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pep rally and bonfire

So this is the first pep rally we have had since Wanny's first year. Being a 7th year student and this being my 6th rally, it's nice to see that nothing has changed. The cheerleaders lead everyone through the quad, we all wait for the band to show up, the band comes and plays for an hour, then the team comes. But right before the team comes out, the most exciting 15 minutes of the school year happens. 37 people who we don't give a (bad word) about come and give speeches (poorly). There is nothing I like seeing more than supposed "Campus leaders" who never even go to football games get up on stage and tell us we should be better fans. I think there were actually 7 student speakers, who all gave very poor speeches. Props to the guy from the greeks who didn't prepare anything and froze like a deer in headlights. Of everyone who spoke tonight, the only ones who were actually involved with Pitt athletics were Wanny and our 2 star defensive seniors Kennard Cox (who should never be able to speak publicly again) and Scott McKillop, who is crazier than I expected him to be.

Listen "leaders" we appreciate everything you pretend you do for us but I don't want to hear you say, "Yeah, this 1-11 EMU team is tough, we can't over look them". Listen, just get up there say go Pitt and stop wasting my time. Pitt Program Council, you suck, get over yourself, I hope Tom Miseraca gets fired.

On the important side I can give you some important observations. Here they are listed numerically.

1. Don't ever mess with Conredge Collins, he will kill you........seriously.
2. Aaron Berry screaming into the mic "where the hoes at?" was the highlight of the night.
3. Our secondary is the scariest group of players at Pitt.
4. Where was Pat Bostick. We saw Billy Stull looking like he needs to shave, but no Cat Basket.
5. Gus Mustakas looks like Ba Ba Booey.
6. Fire that guy from ESPN radio and bring back Andrew Stockey.
7. To the dance team and Cheerleaders......thanks for never changing, except you P10 (a.k.a. P9.5).

Thats all I got for now. JJones, keep the position break downs coming. We'll see you on Saturday.

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