Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gameday Experience 2007

With start of the season only being 2 days, 3 hours and 20 some odd minutes away, I bring to you what I hope will be the pre-game experience.

Gone are the days of what was once a great intro. Nothing like a football dropping in from outer space headed directly towards the U.S. It fell from the skies and reached the Allegheny river where it cruised by the bridges towards Heinz Field. On it's way to the stadium the classic bronze panther statue changed to magnificient gold, turned to the camera and ROARED like no other. In addition to that we saw Roc extinguish the torch of our opponent Survivor style. Outrun, Outtackle, Outplay: Survivor: Pittsburgh.

Over the last couple of years since the Wanny era began, we have seen a change in the pre-game both years. Last year was the highlight package showing our "Tradition" and a Panther in the Cathedral. While I thought it was cool to see the Panther in the Cathedral, I don't think it really got anyone pumped up. Granted I doubt we will ever be able to catch the magic of a highlight video showing current and the last season's highlights while playing "Hangman" in the background like the other team that shares Heinz field, but we can do better.

So here is what I will give you today. This folks, is what I hope to see from the Panther Pre-game this season, and as a bonus, the 5 most likely songs the team will come out to.

Now call me a sucker, but I really liked getting Roc involved with a pregame package before the team comes out. They probably wont do that again for a long time, but it's wishful thinking that they might bring something like that back again. Also, last year, at a meeting with the powers that be at the Pitt Athletics Dept. we suggested having people wear the opposing teams gear and be near the river walk. As they are walking along, Roc comes out of nowhere and spears them into the river. We thought it was great, Jeff Long apparently did not. So here is my suggestion, while lighting the opposing team's jersey on fire would be best suited for WVU, why not get a football with the opposing teams logo on it or something, and have Roc punt it into the river. Its cheap, its easy, and it's fun. The only negative I could see from this would be a possible little citation from Little Luke Ravenstahl, but here at Pitt, we're mad rich and can afford that. Other than that, bring back the old stuff (just not script).

Now I bring to you my suggested 5 songs for the team intro. The last on I really liked was called Sirius and it's the same one the Chicago Bulls enter to. We used it when WaHa (walt harris) was here and showed him leading the team to the field. So without further delay here are my 5 suggested intro songs.

1. Crazy (as performed by Seal) - Well the new logo looks like an otter which is a partially aquatic animal like a seal, so it fits that Seal would be the new intro. Probably not the most inspiring song, but hey lets have a commonality among things here people.

2. Thunderstruck (as performed by AC/DC) - Jason Jones and I talk about this all the time. Yinzer nation loves AC/DC and Styx. So since the steelers use Styx as their intro, Pitt can claim dibbs on Thunderstruck. Steeler fans would come to the game to hear the song and the Pitt students from Pittsburgh should like it as well. Also, if we're worried about selling tickets to games like EMU, Grambling, and Navy, then why not have AC/DC do a post-game concert. Guaranteed standing room only crowd.

3. Rock You Like a Hurricane (as performed by the Berlin Sympharmonic Orchestra featuring the Scorpions) - We used it last year, and it was ok. It just wasn't loud enough. I think it can stay for another year, just crack that s*** up!!!

4. Hustlin (as performed by Rick Ross) - Ok I know, this song is way outdated in terms of hip hop standards, and I thought it should have been used for basketball last year (not the other rick ross song about selling illegal substances). Since the arrival of Buddy Morris our team has been Hustlin and would fit perfectly.

5. Boom (as performed by POD) - The used to play this song to introduce the Panther Pitt (I dont even know if it still exists or was replaced by code blue?). The song was so bad it became funny. After many discussions with the Queen of Pitt Athletics (miss Nora D. herself) we decided to embrace the song. To our surprise, it actually grew on us. Jason Jones and I would provide the music at a social function each and every friday night at his old house and Boom was always on the playlist, even 4 or 5 times. Picture this, a good highlight video package from last season (especially the Kinder block) while BOOM HERE COMES THE BOOM is playing in the back. Sends chills down my back, I dont know about you.

So basically if you skipped to this part of the article here is what you missed. Bring back some of the old intro stuff from the days of WaHa. Involve Roc more. Have AC/DC play a show at Heinz Field following the game, and play more POD!

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