Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lead Up To The Kickoff: Day 1

Well look what has finally started....The Cat Basket will be taking over like DJ Khaled or for you pro wrestling fans, the NWO. I thought for the first game of the season against Eastern Michigan I would give some thoughts on various positions for the Panthers. Today's first edition will be what we have and where we are going at the Quarterback position.

First off, Bill Stull is the starter for the first game and this was somewhat to be expected. Stull is the most experienced player at the position and has been in the offense the longest. What this tells me is that Pat Bostick leaving camp for a couple of days put him too far behind in terms of time with the team. Against Eastern Michigan the QB situation won't even come into focus.

What Stull is going to need to do in order to get into a position where he is the definitive starter is manage the game. On offense we have some absolutely huge weapons; Turner, Wright, Byham, and Shady (who I will withold all comment until I can give him the huge column he deserves). Turnovers have been a problem for Stull in camp, this can't happen when the big lights go on. He has to find the open guy or get the ball out of his hands.

With the improvements on the offensive line, despite our depth problems, Stull should get more time to throw than Palko did last year. Also the running game will be light years ahead of what we had last year. Everything sets up for the quarterback to have a good year. Will that quarterback be Bill Stull? No not at all.

That quarterback will be Pat Bostick. Other than Shady McCoy, Bostick is the most highly prized recruit we have had in recent times. The freshman has all the tools, a big 6'3 frame, a cannon arm, and a high level of understanding of reading defenses. All the coaches have praised his work ethic in the short time he has been a panther. At camp Bostick has shown a great understanding and command of the offense, plus the ability to make every throw. The only thing Bostick hasn't had going for him is time with the team. Practice to practice he is only going to get better. This kid has everything it takes to be a high level quarterback, one who can lead us to big things in the conference and perhaps even farther.

I've excluded Kevan Smith because I really see this as a two man race for the position. Smith will really only factor into the position if there is an injury to Stull or Bostick.

Finally, here is my predcition Stull won't last through the first game. His inconsistent arm and propensity to turn the ball over will make the decision easy for Coach Wannstedt. Bostick is the only man to lead this team to the potential that they have shown in camp. Who knows though, perhaps Stull can take the first two games to get rolling and get us through Michigan State. To me this is the most interesting storyline going into this Saturday.

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