Sunday, December 6, 2009

Final Jones Pick Record

Final Record: 45-31

I did a little worse than I would have expected after starting the season so hot. At least I finished over .500.


johnny said...'re saying you 'took your foot off the gas' when you made the last few weeks worth of picks, Jones?

I'm finally out of my catatonic state after yesterday's loss. I actually had my best friend take a picture of me looking stunned so that next time I'm feeling down, I can take a look at it and remind myself that things could be worse.

Looking forward to going one on one with The Cat Basket's Great One in the second annual Bowl Picks Challenge.

Winner gets a free Uncle Sam's Sub?

Anonymous said...

Why don't we chip in a few bucks and open up the competition for next year?

Winner take all!

Danny said...

I love uncle sams.

johnny said...

Uncle Sam's is great, but Johnny's Place (no relation) on Craig St. is the Truth. If you've never been, it's on Craig between Center and Bayards, across from that Indian restaurant and next to the empty lot that used to be a Giant Eagle (for us older alumni).

John said...

Ah the Dirty Bird. Miss that place.

Danny said...

Is that the abandoned building on center, next to the other abandoned building?

God north oakland sucks a dick now a days.