Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2 important notes

First off as many people know. Expect our next football verbal to come on Dec 21. One of our visitors had a great time and with Maryland looking like it's not going to be a good program for quite some time, Pitt is clearly the leader for this young man.

Secondly, the deadline for the Bowl Pick'em is Friday since bowl games start on the 19th. Email your picks to or


John said...

What is your take on all this Big Ten Expansion talk???

DPJ said...

I'm not for Pitt joining the Big 10. However, if a team from the Big East will join the Big 10 I hope it is Pitt so that we are not left out in the cold.

We went through this in the past and took the "do what's best for the conference" line. Now we need to do "what's best for the school" line.

The Big East can not survive another raid and I want to make sure Pitt remains in a conference with an auto-BCS bid. While the Big 10 sucks, the perception is there and they won't lose their BCS bid anytime soon.

I do fear about our Bball program though if this happens because I don't want us to start losing out on some of the NYC/NJ/DC/Philly recruits because we're playing in a very weak basketball conference.

The best thing that would happen in my opinion is that Mizzou joins the Big 10, TCU moves to the Big 12 and the Big East remains untouched.

We can only keep our fingers crossed from here.

Anonymous said...


John said...

The Big East is a joke right now. You have the non football schools running the conference. They do not care at all about anything accept bball. The $ is in football, PERIOD. Our third place team is going to charlotte and playing the day after xmas. The B10's 3rd place goes to Fla and plays on Jan 1. Just look at all the bowl tie-ins. They are so much better. To make matter even worse, we had to play footsies with Gator/Sun to have them get stuck with a BE team. Most years it will never even happen because they will almost always end up taking ND. Speaking of them, they will never join the BE. The time is now to quit sticking to the nostalgia of MSG and the fiction that that will get us recruits. That is total BS. Good players will want to come to Pitt because we run a good program, have a great city, great university, and have the best fans in the country. F the BBall only schools, F ND, and F MSG - which they will be tearing down soon anyway. Leave the BE now, do what is best for Pitt!

Danny said...

Um John, the best thing for Pitt is Mizzou to the B10, TCU to the Big 12 and the Big East stays the same with no change and keep the bcs slot.

John said...

Good thinking. Never change or adapt. While all other BCS conferences have at least 12 or are looking to get to 12 (in some cases 14) we are stuck at 8. All the extra money for a conference championship game and better ratings be damned. If we do add anyone they will be further water down the conference. We will become Conference USA Plus. There are only 4 teams left from the Original Big East in 2003: Pitt, WVU, Cuse, and Rutgers. Two of those will probably leave. When that happens we will basically be playing in what CUSA was in 2003. Pathetic!!!

In saying we should stay the same and not change, you remind me of Wanny and his philsophy towards offense and defense. Damn it, if running a 4-3 base all the time and a dinosaur offense worked in 1976 and won us a national championship, we should never change it!!! The only thing constant is change. Adapt or become extinct moron.

johnny said...


I respectfully disagree with you for a number of reasons. First, the conference championship games aren't the cash cows that they were supposed to be. With the exception of the SEC game, most of them do quite poorly in ratings and attendance. Witness the ACC Championship last year in Tampa where like 10 fans of Boston Market and 20 from Virginia Tech actually bothered to show up.

Also, I don't feel that we could or should add teams just for the sake of doing so. None of the teams ever mentioned make any sense in terms of geography, history, or at the expense of forfeiting established basketball rivalries. WVU has already shown themselves to be against adding Marshall, East Carolina in a clown college as is Memphis, Central Florida would make some sense, but is it worth sending our Olympic sports to Orlando? Army and Navy would be great on the academic side, but they have shown no desire for conference affiliation. Temple also still blows, and none of the current Big East Schools like Nova or Georgetown can or will make the investment to go up to I-A.

Other than that, what do we have? A bunch of MAC schools in Ohio? Asking Duquesne to get up to I-A?

That said, I think it's too impractical for the Big East to be proactive and try to, for example, poach 4 teams back from the ACC (Maryland, VaTech, UVA, and Boston Market for example). So, if the Big Joke Conference comes knocking on the door, Mr. Chancellor Nordenberg better listen to them with an open mind.

John said...

Say what you want about the Big Ten Network (I personally think it is a waste) but the deal they were able to extract from Comcast makes it a huge cash cow. The money from that alone makes the switch worthwhile. The scummy Big East Game of the Week hardly compares. Do you think that Cincy, Louisville, and USF were great matches. USF was known as Drive Thru-U. They are academic jokes are not "Big" schools and are not in the "East". The only school that can even compare to Pitt academically in the current Big East is Cuse. We are a much better fit with the research heavy Big Ten. Personally I hate the idea of conferences at all. I think they have preverted college football. If I was king, I would abolish them and have everyone go back to being independents.