Friday, November 27, 2009

Same old Pitt

Well that loss hurts. This is a game we've come to expect to lose. Despite the set back in coaching and performance all is not lost.

We need to focus every ounce of energy into beating Cincinnati. We need to play perfect on both sides of the ball.

If we are unable to, it could be a rough December with a trip to either Charlotte, Toronto, or Birmingham. Personally I'd rather go to Miami, New Orleans, or Phoenix.

Let's buck up and win this game next week.


johnny said...

Definitely a bummer of a loss. A few observations:

-Stull reverted to old form a bit today, but he's earned enough for me to see how the Cincy game plays out before freaking out.

-Not sure why they kept trying to go for that home run ball instead of chipping away for gains of 6-8 yards at a time. I mean, they finally connected in a huge way at the end, but I felt that it really disrupted the flow of our offense, especially in the first half.

-It seemed as though we were playing under the assumption that Dorin and JB were the only pass-eligible receivers for most of the game.

-Dion Lewis with another great game.

-Some excellent kickoff returns by Cam and Ray "Sherman" Graham.

-Great pressure and containment from the boys up front most of the night, the long TD run by Flava Flav,excepting.

-Keep the heads up boys and bring home a winner next week at Area 57.

-As always, Hail to Pitt!

Punxy Panther said...

Awful play calling, DD droping balls and the illegal cut block that cost them the game.
I think 2 many bye weeks, seriously play every other week for past 4 weeks has to hurt your rythm. Next year move the 12/5 game up

Rick said...

I made a hotel reservatiom in New Orleans. Let's Go Pitt!

Anonymous said...

Well that game was interesting, Stull reverted back to his oldself and was lucky because WVU could have had 2 more interceptions.

One interesting note, on Devine's TD run the linebacker alignment was off, Gunn was not in the middle, Gruder was.

They made too many mistakes, UC is going to be a difficult game to win.

John said...

I have to swear you are bi-polar. After ND, you were so in love with Wanny you wanted to have his baby. Now you want to kick him to the curb. I look forward to you saying I was right all along about Wanny.