Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cat Basket Podcast Number 27

Here it is the post ND game edition.


johnny said...


If Dion Lewis is Parker Lewis, does that mean that Chancellor Nordenberg is Miss Musso?

The greatest Notre Dame apologist reason of why they such an elite academic institution is that they have to take calculus by the end of their Freshman year. Whoopty freaking do, jerky. So do pretty much 95% of students at any decent public or private university in the nation.

Golden Taint-stunned
Professional Ostrich impersonator Casey Clausen-stunned

'Single J' Jarrett Brown will be the next one to be stunned.


John said...

When did you two become Wanny Kood-Aide drinkers? You two have been huge Wanny critics for the past five years and now all of sudden you hail him as some genious? Jones what lesson did Wanny learn exactly in the 2005 ND game? Wanny gets his props for being a great recruitor and that has finally come home to roost. However the reason we are doing so well this year is because Wanny doesnt have his grubby mits all over the offense and play calling. Cig gets an A+ for doing what he has done considering the constraints placed on him by Wanny - keeping Stool (Stull) and the prostyle offense. Being forced to fire Cav and not hiring another crony was the best thing that could have happened but neither would have happened if Wanny got is way. I am happy for the team but disappointed in you two for forgetting your stance towards Wanny's incompetance. Think back to the burned years for Bostick, Decicco, Malecki, Fields, Nix, etc. I remember how livid you two were after the Navy game last year as was I. Dont let one year of success cloud the facts.

<3 P-likes

Joshua said...

After last night, looks like ND is worse than we thought they were. Could make Pitt's loss not look so good in retrospect. They could still lose the remaining two games and lay another egg in this year's bowl. Give it time, Stull sucks and he knows it.

Anonymous said...


I think Stull has made progress because of coaching, Stull might not have the physical tools but the coaching aspect has dramatically improved his game.

I do not look for another Sun Bowl performance this year, let's agree this team has made real strides this year.

Wanny has allowed both coordinators to do their thing. I can't complain about 9-1, so why do you?

Enjoy the glory for once and stop being so uptight and negative.

Happy holidays