Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cat Basket Podcast Number 26

Post Syrcause

Cat Basket Podcast Number 26


Kyle said...

We know the Sun Bowl folks would have taken a 7-5 Notre Dame over a 9-3 Pitt last year; even with the head-to-head result. My concern was whether the "within 2 games of a big east team" agreement was clearly in our bowl contract or more of a "gentleman's agreement" that the Gator Bowl selection committee might or might not be willing to break for the Irish TV dollars.

p.s. I love ranch dressing too.

johnny said...

Great time to be a Panthers fan. Having witnessed several of those abominations this year, any arguments of parity in the All-Crap Conference are a joke, unless they are trying to say that the conference presents a "parody" of what a good college game should look like.


Is the hatred just for ranch dressing or for all wing dipping sauces? What's your stance on bleu cheese and honey mustard, for example?

J Jones said...

I love honey mustard outside of ketchup it is my favorite sauce. I wouldn't touch bleu cheese dressing with a 40 foot poll. Dave can vouch for my odd tastes in food. I'm basically an adult child who is still in the yummy phase.

johnny said...


Logan's Pub at the corner of Craig and Center used to be called something else before it got its present management.

If you would go there for your 21st birthday, they would get you so liquored up, but have the decency to make sure that you were able to get home without dying of alcohol poisoning.

How would they do this, you ask? By making you a special "last shot" that was basically some kind of disgusting liquid (like cod oil or something) and bleu cheese. Yup, they were nice enough to make sure that you'd puke out everything you ingested in the previous four hours so that you would not die the death of Keith Moon.

Suffice it to say, I'm glad that I avoided that place for my 21st.

DPJ said...

Hahaha. I have never and probably will never drink in North Oakland. I'm just not built to handle Logans or Chiefs.