Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Sports Info

Here are some of your headlines for Tuesday, February 10.

Another WVU player (Jock "i'm going to be the next Larry" Sanders) was arrested. This time drunk driving. Sure it's not as bad as the Penn State brawl (that somehow went unpunished for the starters), but it is still breaking the law. This is his second offense after he was charged with assault last year. My prediction?........Pain...... Just kidding. I'm sure he'll get some little community service job and be on the field when the Panthers make it 3 in a row over the hoopies.

Like RKO said in the comments in the post below, the Cav hiring is finally official. Say goodbye to the only coach we have on the roster that took responsibility for his poor planning. Anyone else want to step up and accept some blame?

WaHa was at the game with Steve Pederson last night. I made sure SP saw my "We Want WaHa" sign. He smiled when he saw it and wouldn't give us any info on whether it would happen or not.

PSI is reporting the Pens are interested in Nik Antropov. I don't know much about the guy other than the fact he is from Kazakhstan and I don't know about you, but I'd love to see a Borat appearance at Mellon Arena.

Pitt's junior day will be against Cincy this year. Over 100 juniors will get to see the #4 team in the country dismantle the Bearcats. After the lackluster game they beat us with in football, I hope we win by 50.

Breaking news. Alex Rodriguez was busted for steroids. Shocked? Neither am I. Almost everyone in baseball was/is on steroids (Ryan Howard I'm looking at you). Just admit it. It's becoming cooler to have been busted for it than to not have. Why not just come out say you did it, write a book, sell out some teammates and make a few extra bucks on the side. That is the baseball I want to see.

I'm being told Wanny is meeting with Gailey during his vacation to Florida. Makes sense I guess. At least Gailey had some significant college experience.

I can't believe how tight lipped everyone is about the OC job. You would think we're trying to protect the Pope's travel routes. C'mon Pitt, we just want to know who is going to be forced to call a conservative game plan next year.

We'll have more on Junior day coming up later in the week and hopefully we can talk about people that commit this weekend (fingers crossed).

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johnny said...

You're entering a world of pain, Jock. This is not 'Nam, there are rules.