Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Striking out

Holmes to Rutgers
Evans to Florida
Bush to North Carolina.

Right now that looks like it is the way it will play out. Ike Holmes has committed to Rutgers which is surprising to me because I felt that he only took that visit out of respect for Schiano since Rutgers is the only program in Jersey. The staff felt very good about their chances with him and thought a commitment could have came after his visit. It now appears instead of having the next Mick Williams, we have a guy who will be battling against the Panthers for the next 4 or 5 years.

Josh Evans looks like he is going to end up at Florida. He and his coach both said that Florida is the leader for him right now, but he is still open. When you hear something like that, it's pretty much saying he's going to Florida. He probably just wants to wait until tomorrow and get a little more attention on LOI day by announcing he will be joining the National Champions.

Lastly, Malcolm Bush is taking us through a very strange journey. It appears as if he is considering Pitt as a last resort. I don't understand why a player of his caliber has an offer from Pitt yet feels the need to visit Syracuse. The word I'm hearing is that he's being told by the coaches at UNC to not expect everyone in their class to qualify so that a 'ship will open for him.

Losing out on some of these guys has left the staff to start going after other options.

Ryan Schlieper was originally committed to Maryland but was always waiting for that Pitt offer. After it was apparent that we were going to finish 3/3 with our top targets, the offer was extended to Schlieper and he switched to the Panthers.

So with 2 or 3 more scholarships to give and our top targets not being known at this time, we are setting ourselves up for my favorite thing........... LOI day surprises. This is where you find a guy you had no idea we were recruiting and he joins us out of no where. I don't think any of us saw Wayne Jones getting an offer a couple of years ago.

Who knows, maybe for once we can luck out and a top guy will switch. You just never know. I mean, I saw Corey Brown at Wendy's in Oakland Saturday afternoon. Will it happen? I'm going to say know. I bet we get 1 or 2 more guys that will come as a surprise to us.


johnny said...

Hmmm...LOI day surprises, you say? I'll call a surprise commit from Duke prospect Austin Gamble, the linebacker from the same high school as Jason Douglas and Shane Gordon.

It will be like when Alphonso Smith's two teammates got him to switch from Pitt to Weak Forest on LOI day.

rkohberger said...

Regardless of whether we get any last minute switches - I'm very happy with this recruiting class... assuming we'll get signatures today.

IMO DW has had the luxury to target the players he wanted (not all obviously) and not to HAVE to recruit just to raise the talent level across the board, as he's had to do in the past four years.

We won't know how well this class turns out for 2-3 years anyway, but I'll bet we'll look back and think "How did they know this kid could play like this" more than a few times in the future.