Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nunez was first, Clarke and Bush still MIA

This has been a pretty quiet signing day for Pitt. No losses (yet), no surprises, and just a regular day all around.

Josh Evans ended up at Florida like everyone thought he would do.

Malcolm Bush still hasn't picked anywhere. I truly think he's debating on Rutgers/UNC. His high school coach is a good friend of Greg Schiano and is probably pushing him hard to end up with his friend.

Will Clarke is an interesting one. He may not sign today and may not sign in the next couple of days. It appears that it is between Pitt and Akron right now. Will wants to play and if he comes to Pitt, he would have to wait a while as the staff sees him as a big project.

I asked some coaches if we should expect any surprises today and they all responded that everything is what are expecting to get. I thought maybe since Coach Wannstedt got a phone call last night and had to leave the women's game early that maybe something big was brewing.

The only difference in opinion is how many guys we are going to sign. I was told we were targeting 22-24 in this class. If we don't end up with Clarke that will leave us with 20 total for this year which will be the first time we are under the projected amount of scholarships offered under Dave Wannstedt.

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