Sunday, May 25, 2008

Podcast #7

Our first ever guest episode with a focus on the inner workings of the Pitt Ticket Office. If you like stories you will love this episode.

The Cat Basket Podcast #7


johnny said...


As avowed Penguins fans in addition to you Pitt athletics, are you as disappointed as I that EPSN radio has fired Mr. Madden?

I think it is garbage that Mr. Madden was fired for saying something that no reasonable person could possibly take seriously.

The Pittsburgh sports scene has lost a talented voice and Pitt athletics has lost a confirmed fan who would have hyped up the program for seasons to come. Instead, we can be treated to 4 hours of talk about the Steelers offensive line during the afternoon drive.

Dan said...

Madden was a joke. Solid effort guys, I was hoping for more recruiting news, but it was interesting to hear the stuff about the tickets.