Monday, May 19, 2008

Podcast #6

This week's episode focuses on some gameday atmosphere stuff, the laughable Big East expansion rumors, and the recruiting trail. Also with some brilliant media criticism of ESPN, Inspector Gadget, Matthew Broderick, and Terminator 2. Bringing it strong in episode 6.

The Cat Basket Podcast Number 6

P.S.: Just a heads up the first two episodes are going to come down from the feeds at some point during the week. They will still be available from the original posts but not from the feeds or Podomatic. Thanks again for listening.


johnny said...

Probably some of your finest non sequitors yet in this edition. The Rocky statue comments made me crack up. I'm also glad that I'm not the only person who sees Robert Patrick in a movie and is like, "Hey, why is the T-1000 playing Johnny Cash's father?"

Derek said...

I still hate Bill Stull... and even more so after the shot you took at me 3 minutes into the podcast with CWC. At least there's been no reference to my shots with Tyler Palko.

Dan said...

I heard we are in bad shape with some top targets. Is that true?

max greenwald said...

striking distance is a beautiful piece of cinematic magic