Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cat Basket Podcast Number 5

Gameday atmosphere talk...

The Cat Basket Podcast Number 5


Michael said...

the shirts or other giveaways might be a good lure for the marginal crowd, but it won't be effective in the long run. you are absolutely right when it comes to the in game experience. people need a reason to go outside of drinking. it is difficult to think of ways to make the game more exciting, outside of winning. the tradition here is paltry at best.
every fan at msu is like a cat basket fan. completely die hard and passionate. i dont know why pitt can't be like that. hell pitt screwed me over this summer and i still support them very heartily... i think we need to start spreading the joy and convince people to come for the game somehow. we need to get involved as much as we can with the experience and people will see how much fun we're having...
was that a good rehashing of the podcast?

max greenwald said...

these are all ideas from j frantz but his computer sucks:

i think we need to key in on "fun". people will come back if they have fun. i have a few suggestions that might be fun even if they are kinda goofy:

1. why dont the students "jump" like we do at the basketball games. this could go at the times when we need to make noise on defense.

2. for the times we need to be quiet, on offense, i like the "ben at work" thing. i thought of a few ideas that would be pretty funny i think. get a bunch of offensive players (mccoy, stull, etc) and have them in the library looking in textbooks with hard subjects like "Astrophysics" or "quantum mechanics" have a sign that says "shh were trying to work here" then have the camera move to the other side and show one guy studying the playbook, one guy reading a comic book, one guy drawing a funny picture of DW. i think people would understand the quiet part and also laugh at that, which would create fun.

3. to go with the "shady" overcast thing when mccoy breaks a run, we could have a movie of the O-line coach in the place of moses parting the sea.

4. how about a bouncy ball over the words to the fight songs during the pregame, so everyone can sing along and make the stadium ring with the fight songs.