Thursday, February 7, 2008

Partridge Makes 2 of 2

After Dunn was let go, I wrote that there would be one more coming. I didn't get any information about Aubrey Hill, but I was told that Partridge would be fired after LOI day (to save recruits) and also so that he would have time to find a job and didn't have to be fired.

Luckily for him, Dave Wannstedt is a nice enough guy and instead of looking for a job without having one, he was able to get a job at Wisconsin and doesn't have to add "fired from Pitt" to his resume. Instead, he can write "left for Wisconsin". If you ask me, that sounds like a good deal to me.

Both parties involved can separate on good terms. But, better for us, we can improve upon one of our greatest weaknesses. Last year, Linebacker, Offensive Line, and Special teams were all huge weaknesses for us. This season we have 3 new or different coaches to help fix those areas.

Jones and I did something special today for the website (not dinocat tattoos) and we hope to share it with you as soon as possible.


Reed said...

Linebackers were a "huge weakness"? I'll disagree on that one. Granted the improved D Line helped the LB play, but they held there own out there pretty well. I'd venture to say the defensive coaching schemes were more the root of the problems for the LBs in the first half of the season, more then the play of the LBs themselves. But, our coaching changes should help that.

Jeff Long said...

I never agree with Reed but I must this time, LB's made great strides as the year went along.

Wlat Harris said...

You guys didn't go out and get a dinocat tatoo, did you?

DPJ said...

Outside of McKillop, the linebackers were pretty weak throughout the season (except wvu). That comes with the territory though of having a converted safety and quarterback out there most of the time.

I still believe that Gunn and Murray only started due to injuries and limited depth at the LB position. Hale will make the two deep but won't start.

Just an opinion though.

Paul Zeise said...

Murray was a huge weakness and Gunn was mediocre. Hopefully, one of the redshirts (Brandon Lindsey) will step up.

Reed said...

"Murray was a huge weakness and Gunn was mediocre. Hopefully, one of the redshirts (Brandon Lindsey) will step up."

That's pretty harsh, and I'll assume you mean in comparison to our MLB's play. Well, anyone would have suffered in that comparison last season. And, remember that we had to scramble around to bolster the LB corps after 2006.

I look at our OLB's play of last year compared to both 2005&6, and say that there was a definite step up in the level of production at those positions.

But, I will agree that it would be right to sit either one if our younger, more athletic, LBs jump them in the depth chart - although, I've a feeling we might be singing Adam Gunn's praises at this time next year. I thought he looked very solid in the second half of 2007.