Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New WR Coach/Zack Stoudt Going To Louisville

Thought I would just combine the two because we didn't touch on Bryan Bossard becoming the new WR coach replacing Aubrey Hill. He came out of nowhere in this process a little bit and has not been officially announced but its been reported a couple reliable places. Bossard was fired from the same job at Maryland at the end of season. I'm not sure what to think about the hire as Maryland's Head Coach Ralph Friedgen blamed Bossard for bad performances of the wide receiving corps, especially the drops in their Emerald Bowl game. Who knows what he can do with our level of talent at wide receiver, he is going to get a chance to work with legitimate NFL level talent?

The other news story is Zack Stoudt decided to go to Louisville and I don't think anybody can't fault him one bit. He started going around to look at other places after giving us the verbal in December and I believe he saw some of the writing on the wall. I, like many others, thought Stoudt looked like a kid with some big time potential due to his physical size and some of the arm strength he displayed on video. This isn't a catastrophic loss for the program seeing as we still have Greg Cross and Tino Sunseri in the class. Stoudt had about zero chance of seeing the field here until at least his junior season after a redshirt because there are just too many bodies in front of him.

Look for a surprise from DPJ and myself later in the week. Tomorrow I will get a running collection of the LOI's and when they are signed, I'll do all the boring loser work searching so you can get it in one place.


Jeff Long said...

I have busted your balls in the past but you guys really try and I like that!

I am keeping a close eye on you!

DPJ said...

Jeff I miss the days when we would shoot 3 pointers after the Pitt games. I don't think Steve Pederson will shoot around with me.

Jeff Long said...

I doubt it, miss you guys, if you are in Arkansas, look me up.