Wednesday, February 6, 2008

LOI Day Special or as I Like to Call it Jones Needs a Life

Basically I'm going to try and grab as much info as I can from all the various sources and pool it here so that you The Cat Basket reader can have a semblance of a day.

8:53 A.M: Well this isn't going exactly to be as fun as I imagined but as of now we 10 LOI's signed, sealed and delivered:
Chris Burns, Shayne Hale, Cam Saddler, Ronald Hobby, Jarred Holley, Antwaun Reed, Mike Shanahan, Tino Sunseri, Ryan Turnley, and Justin Virbitsky.

9:10 A.M: In case you haven't heard no decision from Pryor today because he is too big for signing day perhaps and who doesn't love keeping the world in suspense. In other news, Deion Walker a Penn State recruit jumped from the JoePa train and is now going to Notre Dame instead and Josh Jenkins is going to WVU.

Manny Williams is now a Panther.

9:29 AM: No movement at all the big LOI's that are still on the board right now are Jonathan Baldwin and Lucas Nix. This isn't a big deal at all because since guys this level usually take a while to get in their commitment.

9:50 AM: Nothing is happening we have hit the lull in the day already it seems. Mike Golic Jr. the three star recruit who got to play in the Army All American game is going to commit live on the Mike and Mike Radio Show. L-E-G-A-C-Y thats the way they spell national recruiting hype.

9:56 AM: Robert Sands has committed to WVU. We were in the picture with him. Not too much of a loss.

10:17 AM: Kevin Harper the 3 star kicker just committed. He has a huge leg and I can't wait to see what he can do on kickoffs.

10:47 AM: No movement on anymore of the LOI's. We haven't recieved Jonathan Baldwin, Lucas Nix, Mike Cruz, Joe Trebitz, and Andrew Taglianetti. I'm taking a guess but I don't think we get Baldwin or Nix until around noon but I'm just speculating.

11:06 AM: Jonathan Baldwin is in. To me he is the jewel of the recruiting class and I think he will be able to make an impact from day 1 here. Already has the size and speed of a first round pick in the NFL. Lucas Nix is in as well and if Baldwin is the catch of the class Nix is only a step behind him. He has more talent than any lineman we have had come to Pitt in a long time.

11:11 AM: Mike Cruz and Andrew Taglianetti have committed and we are left at one Joe Trebitz.

11:30 AM: No commitment yet from Trebitz but I'm going to leave the blog be for the moment. This recruiting class is pretty staggering looking overall and I can't believe the work that Coach Wannstedt and his staff have done in Western PA. We have got the results off the field in a big way now its coming time for the results to come where it matters on the field.

Thanks everybody for reading.


Bruce Lee said...

Any idea on what they are going to do with Stoudt's unused scholarship?

J Jones said...

Somebody isn't going to be asked to leave probably is what will happen. With our limited scholarships Coach was going to have to do some moving around of people. No Stoudt probably just means one upperclassmen gets to stay on scholarship.

Although watch all day Wannstedt is known for LOI day surprises

Walker R said...

Thanks for the great info

Jeff Long said...

Thank you for your hard work, it is time to translate all the talent into wins this year.

Remember I will be watching all of you guys!

DPJ said...

I hear Baldwin is going to TE.

Haha, just kidding. I thought for sure you would make a joke about that some where on the page.

J Jones said...

I was going to make a joke about that but this morning I was too busy staring at 5 different pages waiting for people to commit. I am a grown man with a degree from this school and I'm getting freakishly excited about 18 year kids.

Studzy said...

you're a man. you're 22