Thursday, November 18, 2010

All aboard the excuse express

Yeah yeah yeah, we've heard it all. We're young, we didn't execute, blah blah blah.

All I can say is that Wannstedt built this team from top to bottom, he should know how to win with it. We lost to a team that was blanked by Louisville. We gave up on a punt block and gave up selling out for the run to get the ball back close to the redzone.

Crap coaches play well in games that don't matter but lose the ones that do matter. We have a crap coach.

So what does this mean? Well we can finish 8-4 lose in a BCS game and have the same thing happen next year.

We can finish 7-5, end up in a tie for 1st, still failing to win the Big East out right (unacceptable) and get blown out in a bowl game.

We could finish 6-6 (not unfathomable) and really would things change?

Nordenberg loves Wanny and has too much control over athletics. He wants them to have a clean program (which I'm glad we do), be moderately successful, and not spend the real dough needed to be a top tier team.

If you've ever wonder why Pitt fans don't show up to games, don't have an atmosphere, or just don't care in general.........well, look at the picture of Dave Wannstedt and that is your answer.

He has lost all of the good will he had early on from even the most staunch supporters. The kool aid drinkers will tell you the cupboard is bare, Romeus is hurt, we lost our line/Adam Gunn. Well enough excuses. Just say, I messed up, I am at fault. It is funny people labeled him "Not my fault Walt", but when was the last time you ever heard Wanny accept blame for something? I'll give ya hint, the answer is never. It was always the fault of someone else.

Pitt is mediocre because we choose to allow incompetence year after year. In the end, it doesn't matter though because after all we got our Pitt guy. The Pitt guy that no one else wants.

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Joe Kumpf said...

I think you said it all, I still think they are going to lose 2 more.

6-6 and a visit to the who really gives a crap bowl.

Wanny was lucky in his coaching career to be associated with Jimmy Johnson, JJ was the brains behind the defense, all Dave did was get coffee. Dave ran Chicago into the ground and destroyed Miami. Walt was a weird guy but at least he took us to 6 bowls in 8 years. Something that Wanny will not duplicate. We took a step back because of Wanny.

It really sucks being a Pitt football fan.