Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wannstedt's Contract Extended Until 2014

Joe Schad is reporting on twitter that the terms of Wannstedt's new deal will keep him here until 2014 and that it will make him one of the top paid coaches in the Big East. With the marked improvement in his winning percentage the last two season's this was inevitable. I'm happy that the deal is only until 2014 which will give us recruiting stability but also keep the pressure on Wannstedt to keep improving.

Anybody who has read one column on this website knows our feelings about the coaching ability of Dave Wannstedt. The past 5 years have been such an up and down experience. What we do know is that with Wanny at the helm we are a recruiting powerhouse in the Big East. Our depth chart, especially on the two lines, is light years ahead of what it was when Wanny got here. The on field success has been arguable to say the least.

In order for this extension to be successful and for the program to continue in the right direction one thing has to happen, a Big East title. The past two seasons the Big East title has been lost on the field against Cincinnati. With Brian Kelly out of the Big East the track to us winning a title should be much smoother. Realistically, we need to win this Big East title before 2012 because our place in college football could be much different once the Big 10 expands. With our recruiting success and the relative weakness of the Big East there is no reason to miss out on the BCS again.

So in 4 years at the end of this extension I would be 100 percent satisfied if we have a Big East title. I'm setting my sights realistically with only 1 Big East title because I've grown to understand what we have here. Wannstedt is not a guy who is ever going to have an undefeated season. Wannstedt is not a guy who will win every game that we should. The next 4 years just like the first 5 are going to be scattered with head shaking losses and a few big wins. Hopefully, these 4 years are more like the last 2.

Status quo move by the Athletic Department that was expected.

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johnny said...

I like this extension from the stability point of view, and realistically, I can't think of a hire in the next year or two who would be a substantial improvement.

If we continue to improve the talent and grow the fanbase and revenue, that, along with our facilities, will make Pitt a much better job for Wanny's successor.

And at the end of the day, a huge responsibility of the head coach is to leave the program in better hands than the way that he found it.

Also, Jones, the Letang signing seems like a good idea long term, because even if we resign Gonch, that would only be for one or two years, tops.

As I live out of market, I don't see any websites that disclosed the financial terms, which you may have heard from Pittsburgh radio.

If it's in the realm of 2-2.5 million per season, then I like the signing. Beyond that, I get a little nervous about cap considerations.

I agree that he and Gogo need to start putting more points on the scoreboard, despite the fact that Letang has been making some great runs from the defensive zone through the neutral zone and across the blue line, especially on the power play recently.