Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Camp Thoughts

Here is some more updates on Spring Camp:
  • I think it is safe to call the QB competition. Sunseri is the starter and Bostick is the backup, which means that is the opening day depth chart. Spring Camp starters transfer 100 percent to Fall Camp barring any injury.
  • A player to look for in the Blue-Gold game and going forward is defensive tackle Tyrone Ezell. With the depth chart changing after the departures of Mustakas and Williams I expect someone to step in as the first sub and make an impact like Caragein did last year. Ezell has been a performer in camp and is making plays. I'm very excited to see what he can do.
  • Another big story in camp has been the play of the new cornerback tandem Imoru and Reed. The coaching staff has apparently changed the philosophy of the secondary and has implemented more bump and run coverage. If we play tighter coverage I will dance a jig. I'm all for eliminating the secondary giving up huge chunks of yards in order to keep every play in front of them. Corner is a position where we could see marked improvement this season.
  • On the offensive line things are very positive. Pinkston-Nix is as good as any tackle pair in the Big East. Jacobsen is finally going to get his chance to shine at guard. The two positions that are going have unproven starters are RG and C. Greg Gaskins is a pretty sure bet to be the starter at RG and he has a decent amount of hype from the coaching staff. I don't expect him to immediately do what Malecki did last year playing next to Nix but in time I think we will continue to see the right side moving bodies. At center all we need is a someone to be solid. The current depth chart is Alex Carabin and converted defensive end Jack Lippert. I'm hoping that Carabin, who has been around forever, can lock down the position so that we can give time to Lippert to develop as an offensive lineman.
Spring camp is going along pretty well without any major injuries, which is all we can hope for. Continue to enjoy the comical Dixon to Oregon rumors and the Pens getting ready for a Stanley Cup defense.


Anonymous said...


You have to admit the Dixon rumors really got to some of the Panther faithful!

I hope Sunseri really is the better of the two, but Wanny is Wanny!

Any thoughts on the OLB's?

That is my concern.

Anonymous said...

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Crazylegs said...

^^Good point

Anonymous said...

Could you be a bit more specific?

rkohberger said...

^^^ The guy who posted in Japanese above misspelled 榊 (さかき.

What an ass! And then he goes on to say 峠 (とうげ 働 (どう dō, はたら like he really knows that Sunseri would be more productive in the play-action for PITT than Bostick would.

Someone ban this guy.

Anonymous said...

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DPJ said...

Haha, best comments ever.