Sunday, June 28, 2009

TJ Peeler joins the other 3

Like I said earlier, TJ Peeler was expected to make his announcement for Pitt today, and he did just that.

Peeler becomes the 4th new Panther today, and 10th overall recruit for this class.

This will be the last commitment for the Panthers for the rest of the day. We should be picking up 2 more very soon, including at least 1 local guy.


Kyle said...

McCoy got a 4-year contract with the Eagles by the way.

DPJ said...

Details are hard to come by on the contract, but the info I'm getting now has him some where in the range of a 3 mil deal with a 1 mil signing bonus.

Anonymous said...

DPJ, Do you know when Pitt Athletic Department officially switches over to the Nike apparel sponsorship. Will there be any jersey changes for the football team under Nike. I know you have some connections within the department. I like what Nike puts out there for the most part especially with traditional schools like Penn State.

DPJ said...

Today is the offical day of change. The contract with Adidas ran until 6/30/2009.

The Nike contract starts today, 7/1/2009. The jersey changes will be pretty modest. Obviously they can't use the same ones that Adidas made last year, but they love the white with the gold stripes.

Also, don't expect them to be garbage like the UConn ones were. Pitt was very displeased with the Adidas product for football uniforms and was one of the main reasons we switched, so they will be putting some changes into it.

Also, the Zoo logo for next year will be a little bit different than what we've come to expect over the last few years.

Hopefully the Nike products don't look like they were thrown together in the last minute like the Adidas football merchandise was.