Sunday, June 28, 2009

Don Bosco back in the house

Our buddy Grant used to joke how funny it was how there was a school named Don Bosco. I even game them a shout out when I did the player intro's this year when Pitt played Syracuse on Big Monday.

Today, Pitt lands 2 more players from Don Bosco. Bryan Murphy (DL) and Brandon Sacco (OL) have both announced they will be joining Pitt. This just opens up the Jersey pipeline even more. Hafley continues to be bringing in talent. Last year he was able to get Evans and Holmes to visit, but couldn't land them. Now this year we were able to get a couple of guys who Rutgers wanted. Walking into their turf and stealing guys is very impressive considering their improved success over the last 4 years.

With opening up Jersey, we need to keep getting players from there, continue to expand on Florida, and stop losing guys from PA. Hopefully these guys end up being productive players at Pitt. While some guys may never pan out and some may not even make it to Pitt, it is exciting seeing the potential that Pitt now has lined up for the future.

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johnny said...

Hafley equals recruiting beast. I hope to see some continued improvement from his unit as well, as he seems to be a real asset to the coaching staff.

Also, Lefty Ruggiero from Mulberry Street approves of these commitments.