Thursday, April 23, 2009

Silencing the dead period

Well here is a surprise. I was lucky enough to have lunch with a few coaches this week and we were talking about the future of Pitt football (the post-Bostick era) and they said outside of D. Burns they were not sure who was going to be the next guy to commit. Most felt that Miles Dieffenbach was the next but he's following the Lucas Nix and Brock DiCicco route of waiting it out to see who else offers before he announces he is a Panther.

Well today the defensive tackle, Aaron Donald, from Penn Hills announced that he will be joining the Panthers. There is no doubt that he will be playing DT for Pitt. His offer sheet isn't that impressive, but the kid does have some skills.

The coaching staff is hoping that he can add much more muscle and become a huge force much like what we have seen from Mick Williams.

This is a nice safe get for the Panthers as he will have plenty of time to develop in the system while shaping his body. The benefit of signing early is that we can give him a workout regime to follow so that he can come to Pitt in better shape and much more like the player we want him to be.

I'm not all too concerned that he only has had MAC offers. If you follow this site, you are well aware that Mr. Jones and I have had our criticisms of Coach Wannstedt, but we both agree his assessment and usage of the defensive line has been outstanding in his tenure here.

Hopefully Aaron turns out to be a great player and can do amazing things for Pitt.

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johnny said...

Great get and hopefully he can work on a teammate or two to follow along. Our d-line is shaping up to be beasts for years to come.