Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some late night thoughts.

Well as you've heard by now Corey Brown committed to OSU. That hurts Pitt as Brown is the latest in a string of Western PA guys to leave the area and the 2nd from Gateway HS to go to OSU. There have been some rumblings that Gateway HS Coach Terry Smith is "bitter" at Pitt for not offering him the WR coach position when it opened. There are also some people who are mad at Pitt for the Brossard hiring since now we have lost two top players from Gateway and because Brossard failed to land a visit from a top Maryland WR recruit.

Losing a potential receiver like Brown really hurts because not only is he local and had Cam Saddler pushing him to Pitt, this hurts because of some recent rumors. It is highly speculated that Moe Williams may never see the field for Pitt again. I'm not sure if he isn't going to summer school or simply refuses to go to summer school, but the thought is that his grades will be the reason why he will not be at Pitt next semester. I'm sure the staff is trying to keep this as quiet as possible as Williams may end up like Shane Brooks. It isn't unreasonable to expect to lose a player due to academics, but losing two (especially players who could have contributed) really can hurt a program. Despite losing those two, Pitt is fortunate enough that we are very deep and talented at fullback and receiver. This move would also allow potential Pitt gray-shirt Andrew Taglianetti to earn a scholarship for this fall which permits him to join the team right away.

The latest podcast has been recorded and I promise it will be up soon. I have to get the file to Jason to set up on the internet, so expect it sometime Wednesday at the latest.


Brian Ising said...

After we win 10 games this year, nobody is gonna give a damn about Corey Brown. Or Moe Williams or Shane Brooks for that matter.

Michael said...

none of this will matter when we're famous singers, as well.