Friday, June 13, 2008

Sandcastle Update

Ok, so you're probably saying "What the hell does Sandcastle have to do with Pitt football"? Well the answer is, nothing really. On Wednesday Jones and I along with some others went to beat the heat by enjoying a nice day at Sandcastle. While we passed on the 4 dollar beers and instead enjoyed slides, lazy river, and pool we did see something very interesting. We entered the park around noon and stayed until six. Around 4:30 we saw something very interesting to Pitt football fans. As we were walking to the Blue Tubaluba, I saw a guy and go, wow he kinda looks like Shane Murray. Needless to say, it was in fact Shane Murray. Walking behind Shane was Nate Nix and Dan Loheyde. So as Jason and I grabbed our tandem tube and were climbing up the steps, two dark haired guys come running up next to us in the other aisle. Now these guys weren't just running up the steps with little effort, these guys were showing the hustle that you would expect an athlete to have. I looked over and saw Dom DiCicco leading the way. Behind him and running just as hard without any problems was our star tight end Nate Byham. So without any medical reports or anything else to go on other than watching him run up the steps, I can say that Nate's leg looks to be 100%.

To go along with that good news, you Rivals fans should be pleased to see that Pitt commit Cory King earned himself 3 stars.

I predict that Brock DiCicco will be the next recruit to pledge his services to Pitt.

We won't be doing a podcast this week since Jason and I will be away from Pittsburgh and back at our respective homes in Belle Vernon and Butler for fathers day.


Michael said...

the one point at which i disappeared you saw my favorite nasty nate!!! damnit!!!!

johnny said...


You guys have sources and get the scoop in some random places. The only way you can one-up that Sandcastle story would be if you bump into Tyrone Ezell at the Dave and Buster's in Homestead and have him update you on his recruitment.

Maybe if you guys hit up Kennywood next weekend, you will run into the entire Gateway varsity football team on line for the Phantom's Revenge.

In all seriousness, the banter between you guys in the podcasts is getting to be more comfortable and natural, especially that Wendy's story, which I could appreciate as the son of immigrants. You guys are turning out some quality stuff during a fairly dead time.