Monday, April 14, 2008

Podcast #2

Well it took about a week or two longer than we expected but we are now on the normal recording schedule. This week's podcast focuses on Spring Ball, we got a chance to go to the scrimmage this past Saturday. The episode is chocked full of insider information that we give you for free.

Everybody thanks for listening and subscribing we are getting some positive feedback from just the first episode. Please subscribe on Podmatic with the link on the left-hand side of the page or from the ITunes store. There will be many more of these to come so keep checking back here for updates.

The Cat Basket Podcast Number 2


josh said...

why you hating on central pa? thats my home

J Jones said...

I don't understand Central PA but I barely understand Pittsburgh. I'm just deathly afraid of our athletes that come out of Central PA.

gbutt said...

I feel like I'm back in the 1930s when I sit around the radio and listen to these podcasts

Brian Ising said...

Good stuff again, guys.

It is great to hear that Doug Fulmer is playing well. People forget that he was our best DL two years ago. With him back at 100%, this will be the best and deepest DL we have had since the 80's.

Mark my words: Oderick Turner will be starting at WR against Bowling Green. I wouldn't be so sure that Kinder is going to start. Yes, he was All-BE two years ago and had a great year. But it will be difficult for him to return to his previous form and start in our extremely deep WR corps. My guess is that Mo Williams will start alongside Turner at WR.

It is obvious that the OL will be our biggest weakness again. I really hope that it will come together with the return of Davis, Pinkston, and Jacobson. A line of Pinkston-Davis-Houser-Malecki-Thomas is the most talent we have had on the OL in a while. I just hope they can come together in a few weeks at summer camp and be competent. If the OL is decent, we have a chance to be very good this year.

We're planning on going to South Bend for the game this fall. Maybe you guys can come along and Jason can get started on punching out Notre Dame fans.

I'm hearing that we have almost no chance at landing Dorian Bell. I understand the Gateway connection, and I think that lands us Corey Brown, but I don't think that will be enough to get Bell. I hope I'm wrong on this one.

I assume you guys will be at the spring game on Saturday? I can't wait to get my first glimpse at the team.

johnny said...

Awesome Podcast. Are you planning on changing up the entrance theme or do you think you're going to stay with this one?

A bunch of the Noles fans down here like their chances with Bell. I think he's going to visit here but I hope he opts to stay with his friends and be a Panther.

Also, that public access show with the Black Jewish guys is money. The best part is that how the first dude reads out of the scripture book and the head dude repeats what he said slower and with a different voice inflection and then commands the first dude to read the next verse.

For what it's worth, I would estimate that the Noles Spring Game had a good 30k. I hope that Heinz Field has a solid turnout this weekend.

Jeff Long said...

You guys are childish, your podcast is not informative, all you do is swear and talk like children. I thought you guys had class, I gave you guys a second chance.

Never again.

Pitt fans are always the worst, I'm glad I bolted when I did.

Cat Basket said...

I think we'll use a different intro to the podcast each time until we find something that we really like.

As far as the swearing, I (dpj) always was against swearing in the podcast. Jason just came out swearing a ton, and if you notice I did mention it to him during the podcast, from which point he pretty much stopped.

So yes, there will be less vulgarity. Lets just take this one as a mix of excitement plus some media inexperience.

johnny said...

I don't mind the profanity and if anybody has actual issues with it, they should take the liberty to stop listening to the "free" entertainment that nobody is forcing upon them. It seems like Jason, if not both of you are serious about going into the field, what with your talks of internships, so I say enjoy exercising your First Amendment freedoms to their limits without having to worry about alienating sponsors.

As far as song intros, I don't know if you guys are Radiohead fans, but they open a lot of shows with the "The National Anthem" and the crowd gets into it. Or you could always go with "Machine Gun" by the Commodores as an homage to Boogie Nights.

DPJ said...

Jason is the one with the interest in radio. I'm a grad student in a completely different field, so unless something amazing happens, I'll just keep doing this as a way to express my love for the university, our sports teams, and my interest in sharing some info with other Pitt fans.

josh said...

i dont know too much but i like dickerson at TE. he seemed to make a bunch of good plays today.