Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Spring game and Pryor

Pitt has announced that the annual spring game will be held on April 19th at 6 p.m. I always enjoy going to the spring game mostly to see how the new starters will perform. If you remember at all from last year, the buzz was on Elijah Fields. Even during the start of camp Elijah was still practicing with the team and was arguably the best player on the field. This year, I'll be going again to see Elijah.....again, as well as the other players battling it out for starting positions. I think two things to keep an eye on are the incoming Juco players, Cross and Houser. Both have the opportunity to play a major role this season and this will be our first shot to see them on the field.

After weeks of waiting, and with no surprise ending, Terrelle Pryor announced he will be going to OSU. If Pitt couldn't have him, I was hoping that it was OSU that ended up with him. While he has had problems recently, he is a tremendous talent and I would hate to see a player like him go to UPS or Michigan. Now DickRod lost his star quarterback and wasn't able to land the gem to replace him. UPS and UM also have to deal with playing against him which will bring a smile to my face. I really doubt that he ever had an interest in PSU, and was probably just taking the visits there to please his father as well as the boosters who gave him certain things such as free dinners. I would have hated to see him go to UPS, but after watching JayPa ruin Morelli, I think it would have been possible for JayPa to ruin Pryor as well.

All in all, DickRod and UPS have to deal with this now for at least 3 years, so enjoy.


he who took you to bowl games said...

Mark this one down, Pryor will fall by the wayside!

Pryor reminds me of another Dante Wiley.

J Jones said...

Thank god this is over. Why couldn't this announcement have been made a month ago? Enjoy playing at Ohio St. and watching UPS fans explode about this is great.

johnny said...

Any reaction to the article in the PG regarding the position moves? DD moving to H-back was no surprise, and Malecki moving to the o-line really wasn't either. I gotta say that Ty Tkach moving to tight end kind of surprised me.

DPJ said...

We had reported here that Dorin was moving to H-back a few months ago. Malecki's move, like you said, was no big surprise given the depth and talent on our defensive line. Our offensive line is really getting better in terms of talent, and with all of these extra bodies fighting for spots I hope it allows for each player to develop to their full potential. Tkach is an interesting switch. Jason Jones and I have seen him a few times and he really never struck me as the tight end type. In the end he may end up being the next Craig Bokor (switching positions all of the time). Nate and Pelusi won't be able to practice this spring so we really need extra bodies on the field at TE. Once Nate and Pelusi come back and the freshman get on campus we can let Tyler play his best position. I think the best thing for Tyler is to get a position where he can learn and practice for another year or two. There is no reason to believe that Tyler Tkach should not contribute significantly by the end of his Panther career. Hopefully the coaches handle is situation correctly.

johnny said...

Excellent point about not having enough bodies to line up at tight end this spring. Totally forgot about Pelusi since the Byham injury grabbed my attention more. I wish both of those guys well. I was also surprised by an omission from the position moves, since I fully expected one of the RB's, and specifically Greg Williams, to get shifted to LB.

The Malecki move has me stoked and I feel he can be a force at OG.

It will be interesting to see the extent that Tkach contributes. I'm glad he redshirted since I wish DD and Byham had that extra year of eligibility. In hindsight, the wrist injury was probably the best thing for Collier since I don't think he would have gotten too many touches behind LSH and Shady.

woody said...

Guys, I just saw Bostick throw w/o pads, his motion looks the same.

Check him out and advise!