Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Podcast

Here it is the First Ever Cat Basket Podcast. Give us some time and we will be able to figure out how to get everything setup smoother for the downloading of the podcast. For now enjoy Number 1.

Cat Basket Podcast #1


Anonymous said...

you guys blow big ones.

Cat Basket said...

Oh man anonymous said I blow. Looks like we are closing up shop. You win buddy, do you have a blog somewhere so I can read and listen to your stuff. Please let me know.

max greenwald said...

good stuff guys. I'm even more pumped for the zoo podcasts. I'd also be interested in hearing your take on the administrative changes (Steve P coming back and all that) and what impact they'll have on the atmosphere at the stadium and other things of that variety.

Funny stuff about Shady without the shirt on.

josh frantz said...

good shit. your theme music is great. when is the spring game?

g. butt said...

great podcast, can't wait for the next one.

Jeff Long said...

Great work guys!

Brian Ising said...

Good stuff.

I think you're a little too quick to count out Bostick. And I'm not saying that just because I made a bet with DPJ that Bostick would be the starter. He will be a way better QB in the fall than he was this past year. Don't forget that he is also the most experienced QB we have. And I can't imagine any scenario where Kevan Smith starts this year.

If I had to handicap the QB derby, this would be my best guess:

1. Stull (assuming he's healthy)
2. Bostick
3. Cross

Obviously, the staff would love to redshirt Bostick. But at the same time, he'll be given every opportunity to win the job. I think that if Cross does not win the starting job, he will definitely be used for a series or two a game in the Wildcat.

I'm excited to see the linebackers that were redshirted last year - Lindsey, Gruder, and Roberts. We should have a plethora of quality LB's - McKillop, Murray, Gunn, Nix, Gruder, Lindsey, Hale. I don't how the depth chart will shake out, but you'd have to think we'll have a very good and deep LB corps this year.

There's absolutely no chance that Darrell Strong will be drafted in the 1st or 2nd round. Shawntae Spencer was a much better college player than Strong.

I can't wait to see Shady run behind an improved OL and with the threat of a passing game. He had the best freshmen season for a RB in BE history and he did it behind a bad OL when the defense knew he was getting the ball. If we can get a decent passing game this year, Shady will be scary good. My prediction: 1,800 yards, 20 TD's, and possibly a trip to NYC in December for the Heisman ceremony.

J Jones said...

Brian your definitely doing one of these podcasts. Just telling you that now.

Matthew said...

dpj, you've got a voice for radio...or something like this...

johnny said...


Really enjoyed listening to the podcast. Don’t listen to any negative posters, most of whom are too lazy to start their own Blogger site, and then have the audacity to complain about the content of a free podcast that they voluntarily listened to.

Your analysis of the backfield was spot on. I have a feeling that Larod will see his role diminish, which is kind of a raw deal, but he also had the benefit of starting his first two years due to the lack of depth at the position at the time. Still, I think that less of him could be good in that he’s not a prototypical feature back but can supplement our offense with some plays out of the backfield from time to time. I also wonder what happens to Greg Williams in this shuffle. Will he change positions and switch to LB?

I am hoping the o-line will be healthy and cohesive enough to allow for a more sophisticated offense this season and I agree with you that I can’t wait to see how they use DD and Byham this season. If they throw like 3 balls to them a game, then they colossally screwed up by not redshirting them, but if they incorporate them properly it will open up a lot for Shady and the backs as well as Kinder, Mo Williams, et. al. downfield.

Also, I have to chime in and say that I remember Shawntae Spencer as a pretty solid d-back and probably the best d-back I saw play for us from ’99-’06 with the exceptions of Revis and possibly Ramon Walker.

I’m looking forward to future podcasts. Once again, great job and Hail to Pitt!

DPJ said...

Thanks for all of your support guys. We really appreciate it.

Brian Ising said...

I think DPJ has a face for radio, too.

I would be glad to participate in a podcast if you'll have me, whether its for the Cat Basket or the Zoo.

Thanks again for the great free content that you guys provide on this site.

Keith McBride said...

good job dave

Anonymous said...

Just got done listening to this at work. I hope you stick with it, there is never enough Pitt material out there. The one guy does have a radio voice, is that what you're in school for?

CCHS 1977 said...

Guys, Cross is a stud, check him out at spring practice, he will start unless he is disabled.

Also I must strongly disagree on the Marino comment. Dan was a hell of a baseball player and athlete he was drafted by the KC Royals. Dans problem was he injured his knee that limited his mobility.

Conversely Bostick is exremely slow of foot and all the coaching in the world will never correct this.

Remember this, Bostick will never start unless there is a major injury, he was a good high school qb but he has a major problems reading defenses and his mechanics are horrible.

Bostick will redshirt this year and work on improving his mobility and mechanics.

The real gem is Tino Sunseri, he does not have ideal size but he is a winner, Tino will be starting in 3 years over Bostick. Otherwise nice podcast, I would love to throw a few questions your way shortly after spring practice.

Derek said...

All we were missing in the podcast was the cannoli discussion. Otherwise it was an extension of our road trips without radio. I personally liked when Greg apparently came in, and I'll always respect the history of the Cat Basket, starting with my purchase at CVS, and culminating early on with Nora's confusion about whether she forgot something. Now all we need are podcasts about JT's past, and I'm set for everything I listen to at work.