Monday, February 1, 2010

Pitt to Big 10 Rumors

So if you are a frequent visitor to the various Pitt football related message boards you have seen the news that on February 4th we will be joining the Big 10. The basis of the rumor was a closed door meeting that Steve Pederson had with the student-athletes. Apparently, people took this annual meeting as a basis to fan the flames. Every poster who confirms this rumor is apparently "in the know" and is getting the information from only the most reliable of sources. As of right now there is no major news outlet or journalist that has even brought up this move to the Big 10 which is going to happen in a matter of days according to rumor.

I think these rumors are indicative of the atmosphere that Big 10 expansion has created with schools that could be involved. Nobody wants to be left in a conference that was raided by the Big 10 without a plan. The ACC raid on the Big East has had a negative impact on the football conference in terms of national perception. Losing another team would take the BCS bid away from the Big East.

I'm not a message board insider or a guy who knows another guy that is always ahead of the curve on rumors. The way I see this rumor is that on Friday we will still be in the Big East enjoying the fruits of an extremely good football recruiting class looking forward to playing Seton Hall at the Pete on Saturday. There is a chance that we could be a part of the Big 10 expansion but I would bet that the actual media not guys on a message board who get texts from mysterious sources will break the news.

Remember people the internet is serious business and don't forget to sign up for a message board account to complain about the Oakland Zoo. I hear that is what the cool guys are doing now.


johnny said...

Unreal post Jones and the concluding paragraph is better than anything written in the PG or Pitt News in years.

I love how the theory is that the closed-door meeting with the student-athletes is this giant smoking gun. Like their opinion even matters anywhere nearly as much as the trustees, academic deans, big time boosters, etc.

To paraphrase The Rock, "It doesn't matter what they think!"

Oh, also, the Oakland Zoo is totally "teh lame." Pitt loses 3 out of 4? Fire Dixon!

To end on a serious note, more so than with Bostick or even Coach Dixon, I want all the lurkers, trolls, and regular readers to repeat this mantra:

In Chancellor Nordenberg We Trust!

Learn to live it; learn to love it! Because this Valentine's Day, Diamonds are Forever...and so is the University of Pittsburgh.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree, the Big 10 rumors are just that, rumors.

Pitt had a nice class yesterday, too bad they missed on the 2 OL prospects that State Penn snagged.

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