Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bowl Pick 'Em Results

Well this year we expanded the field to 8 and saw some interesting picks. It was funny how similiar everyone was with their picks.

Of the 8 contestants I was the only one to pick UNC over Pitt. Also, no one picked PSU over LSU. Danny was the only one who picked Boise State to beat TCU.

Doug W. was the closest in predicting the Pitt score as he predicted a 21 - 19 Pitt victory.

Of the 8 contestants here is how they finished

8. J.T. (John) - 12 points
7. Jim B. - 15 points
6. Johnny K - 16 points
5. Jones - 17 points
4. Mike T. - 18 points
3. DPJ - 19 points
2. Doug W - 22 points
1. Danny M. - 24 points

Dan, you are the winner of an Uncle Sam's meal compliments of me. So if you're from the Burgh or if you will be here at some point let me know.

Thanks everyone for participating. Hopefully next year we can expand it and maybe even do our own Yahoo group so that I don't have to calculate points in front of my boss haha.


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