Monday, May 11, 2009

Cat Basket on Twitter

I have decided to put us up on Twitter which should be fun. No we can follow Coach Wannstedt and you can follow us. It should be fun and I'm going to take a wild guess and say that you will mostly be talking to me and not DPJ. I will update periodically and try to get this thing going when we are on the big downtime for current news about the team.

Follow us and I will follow you. Somewhere in that crappy Sister Act movie Whoppi Goldberg is singing "I Will Follow Him" but that isn't about twitter.


amamamama said...

you guys need to change your image from the default on twitter so that your tweets stand out in a list.

johnny said...


Glad to see that you also enjoyed the UEFA Champion's League final. Great to see Wankers United lose, and if Liverpool couldn't win, I'm glad that Barca got their Treble.

Freshman said...


Where the hell do you live?


Freshman said...

I guess I didn't need to save that previous post.

- Freshman

Freshman said...

By save I meant sign.

- Freshman